ERT® CT 2080 2K H.S. Clear Top (2:1)

Everflex has the complete painting system for 1K and 2K automotive paints from undercoat to the clear coat. As we emphasize on the cost, efficiency and stability, we understand what customers want and strive to give the best products for our customer to reduce their hassleness.

The ERT® CT 2080 is Everflex’s most popular clear top with very excellent DOI (distinctness of image) and smooth flow. It earned its name of “Mirror Clear” throught out the years and users even praised that it required no polishing job after application.


  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Good flow with professional quality and performance
  • Has excellent mar, chemical and weather resistance
  • Long lasting high gloss finish
  • Can be used for spot, panel and overall repair
  • Resistance to yellowing

Mixing Ratio:

Mix 2 parts of ERT® CT 2080 (PART A) with 1 part of ERT® CH 2080 hardener (PART B) with 10% of ERT® 2K Thinner.