Besides manufacturing and supplying paint products,

Everflex are also involved in the below activities for our associate companies, as well as other local and overseas customers.

Consulting services

With more than 30 years of experience in hand, many small and medium scale investors from local and overseas have been consulting us frequently for help and advice.

Researching & developing (R&D)

Our laboratory is equipped with high-performance and up-to-date R&D and Quality Control (QC) laboratory equipments. Our chemists are well-trained and dedicated in developing new products from time-to-time. As for the products’ QC, our chemists make sure that all relevant tests and experimentswere conducted to ensure the delivery of high quality products to our customers.

Technical transferring

We at Everflex do transfer technical knowledge and skills upon agreeing to a contract. Of course, we will monitor and provide on-site support when needed as well.

Turn-key project designing

Ready, turn-key and go?

Yes, we will help our customer in setting up a complete and ready-to-go company from zero.

We are dedicated in this service and shall provide our customer sufficient and useful information needed for the project until it is completed.