ERT® CT 3090 2K H.S. Diamond Clear Top (2:1)

Everflex has the complete painting system for 1K and 2K automotive paints from undercoat to the clear coat. As we emphasize on the cost, efficiency and stability, we understand what customers want and strive to give the best products for our customer to reduce their hassleness.

The ERT® CT 3090 is Everflex’s premium grade 2k clear top that gives the painted surface excellent gloss and DOI (distinctness of image) results. It flows and levels easily with no shrinkage or dieback. It is named “DIAMOND CLEAR” as it lives by its’ name to be as tough as diamond with excellent durability and long-lasting UV protection, weathering and everyday wear.


  • Excellent DOI (distinctness of image)
  • Great flow and levels easily
  • Outstanding gloss finish
  • Extremely Durable and UV Protection
  • Great value for money

Mixing Ratio:

Mix 2 parts of ERT® CT 3090 (PART A) with 1 part of ERT® CH 3090 hardener (PART B) with 10% of ERT® 2K Thinner.

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