ERT® 839 series 2K Urethane Primer

Everflex has the complete painting system for 1K and 2K automotive paints from undercoat to the clear coat. As we emphasize on the cost, efficiency and stability, we understand what customers want and strive to give the best products for our customer to reduce their hassleness.

ERT® 839 series 2K Urethane Primer is a pigmented and PREMIUM quality automotive 2K primer. This product provides excellent corrosion resistance and superior hide over the mark of body filler and its ease of sanding is a great selling point.


  • High build urethane primer
  • Great adhesion
  • Fast Dry
  • Easy Sanding
  • Excellent value (cost)

Mixing Ratio:

Mix 4 parts of ERT® 839 series 2K Urethane Primer(PART A) to 1 part of 839B hardener (PART B) with 1 part of 2K reducers.

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