Glomax® Matte Black Paint

Glomax® MATTE BLACK paint always been popular in the market since the early 90’s. Like our aluminium paints, Glomax® MATTE BLACK paint is also available in Quick-dry NC system (ie. 8800-NC2154) and in Air-dry alkyd system (ie. Standard air-dry system 450-1225, economical grade 8000-2154 and Metal Primer MP-3). Among all, the 8800-NC2154 is the most wanted products by customer from various fields or industry thanks to the fine and smooth finishing which can add a sleek aesthetic to your painted product.


  • Value for money
  • Easy and smooth to put on
  • Sleek aesthetic effect
  • Looks “cool”

Mixing Ratio:

Mix 3 parts of Glomax® Matte Black with 1 part of thinner.