Plastic Coating

Glomax© Plastic Coating were produced using high quality raw materials. Our plastic binders allow users to customise and match colours such as solid and metallic effect for painting the plastic materials. We have 3 options of 1K plastic binder (which EPB5100 as the 1K Gloss Plastic Binder, EPB5100M as the 1K Matt Plastic Binder and EPB5106 as the 1K Metallic Plastic Binder) that has excellent adhesion on plastic substrates, such as ABS, HIPS, PC and ABS + PC blend. When higher abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and heat resistance are desired, we have 2 options of 2K plastic binder (which EPB5206 as the 2K Monocoat Plastic Binder and EPB5205M as the 2K PU Matt Plastic Binder) to offer to our customers.


  • Excellent adhesion on most plastic substrates
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Excellent flow
  • Easy application
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